Download SearchClickr – homemade Google Click Bot


Download SearchClickr homemade Google Click Bot


Here’s something I created that I’m upbeat to confer to this gathering. It’s a Google interest and snaps bot made with Ubot.

The crucial issue that I can see with various bots that do this is they need to summon new obscure middle people for each snap. My bot is to a great degree direct, exceptionally limited and is using a web middle person site (you can see how it works since I haven’t covered the program) and it cycles the go-betweens on the site page for each snap. You won’t get many snaps (15 go-betweens) with this, yet it has all the earmarks of being OK for low competition KWs that just require fairly a


– Two phase clicker: first from the Google SERP, by then from an association on the found page.

– Choose if it’s a site or a YouTube video you have to rank for.

If a YT video, the second snap goes to the channel page.

If a site, the second snap goes to the picked interface.

– Use the hook substance of the association, not the association URL for picking joins

– Random time among snaps and cycles. However, ordinary time is selectable – preferably doubtlessly self-evident.

– Only works for introductory 100 results in Google SERPs

The best technique to USE:

Do a request on Google – copy the chase term into the Google look for term box

Copy the hook content (not URL) of the normal associate with click: go into “Required header”

Select YT Video or Website

In case a site, go to the pined for found page and pick an association by the hook content – enter the stay content into the Next Click field

Pick concede time: if this is for your own specific site, be amazingly wary! No under 60 seconds among clicks and in a perfect world any more. Impact the cycle to time no under 600 seconds (ten minutes). The lower regards are there for testing figuratively speaking.

Run it, constrain it once you’re happy it’s working and relinquish it running.



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