Your Freedom (open your door to the world)


 Your Freedom (open your door to the world)


The all-in-one VPN tunneling, firewall & proxy bypassing, anonymization and anti-censorship solution


It is sheltered to state that you are gotten behind a firewall or a filtering web delegate and can’t get to a couple or numerous site pages or use an application you should need to use or play a redirection you should need to play? Is your Internet affiliation being blue-penciled and you should need to stick confinement where the sun doesn’t shimmer? Would you need to stay obscure, that your IP address isn’t logged with each passage to some individual’s site page? By then look no further, you’ve found the game plan!

The Your Freedom organizations makes accessible what is unaccessible to you, and it covers your framework address from the people who don’t need to know. Basically download our client application and present or just run it on your PC; it changes your own PC into an uncensored, obscure web mediator and an uncensored, strange SOCKS middle person that your applications can use, and if that is deficient it can even get you connected with the Internet likewise as if you were using an unhindered DSL or connection affiliation – essentially like the firewall suddenly went impact! You can even influence your PC to open from the Internet if you like. All applications work with Your Freedom, up to this point no one has made sense of how to upset our organization absolutely and forever without blocking your Internet get to inside and out.

Reliably, more than 10,000 people in more than 160 countries use our organization, some in light of the way that their assembly would rather not have them rehearse their human rights, some because their school or school feels they are not grow enough to decide for themselves on account of playing the odd entertainment interferes with their examinations or not, others since they don’t require traceable IP addresses in each logfile. There are likely a similar number of good inspirations to use Your Freedom as there are restrictive firewalls on the planet!

Your underlying advance to an unhindered Internet get the opportunity to can’t avoid being to enlist on this website page – you should simply give a contactable email address and a username and a mystery key, nothing else is required. By then download the client application (available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and everything else that can run Java applications, and Android) and run it – the wizard will control you through planning it fittingly. By then plan your applications to use your own specific PC as web or SOCKS mediator or use our clear OpenVPN mode.

If you needn’t waste time with Your Freedom’s channel avoidance capacities, you can basically use our organization through PPTP. No client programming required. Take a gander at our PPTP howto. PPTP works honorably with redirections!

Will Your Freedom get me a free Internet affiliation?

Apparently yes, particularly in case you use DNS tunneling mode. You may have the ability to get a working wireless affiliation when the provider does not require it to work (no credit, extraordinary APNs, et cetera.), and you may have the ability to use remote hotspots without paying for the utilization. Your Freedom can’t separate between clear control and just business interests; if there is a leave design, Your Freedom will find it and use it.

What does it cost?

A straightforward organization is open to no end. It will give a larger number of information exchange limit than a modem affiliation and up to 2 hours of utilization for consistently (up to 5 hours for consistently), and will apparently be adequate for each nice customer – it’s emphatically enough to visit blocked site pages and join talks, and if it suits your necessities you are welcome to use it as much as you favor.

For the people who require more, refresh groups are available. You should take a gander at our Account page for purposes of intrigue. There are moreover update vouchers open for the people who needn’t bother with time based upgrades. Your bought upgrades and vouchers keep this organization alive, so please consider to pay!

Play various online amusements through web middle people!

Universe of Warcraft

Second Life

Family history 2

Last Fantasy XI

EVE Online

… additionally, some more

The best strategy to use OpenVPN mode

It’s clear, and since numerous people don’t understand how to do it or where it is accounted for, we’ve told you on the front page. So once you’ve set up the Your Freedom client (and the outline wizard applauds you that now all is fine), verify you read how to use OpenVPN mode, since it will mysteriously light up most if not the dominant part of your issues, and you don’t have to reconfigure any applications.


Our region names (,, some others additionally) are routinely being used to impact email To spam appear to start from us. Rest ensured that we don’t SPAM the net. We disdain SPAM as much with respect to all expectations and purposes each other individual, and it isn’t possible to spread SPAM through our organization in extensive entireties. If you have inspiration to assume that some person sent SPAM through our structure, please illuminate us at rapidly – we will totally manage it!




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