Wifi Hack Kali Linux


Wifi Hack Kali Linux


WiFI – nectar is a substance, the strike can be used to make fake access centers using encryption and all screens with Airodump . It automates the foundation strategy , it makes five interfaces in screen mode , four are used as access centers and the fifth is used for airdump – ng .

To make things less requesting , as opposed to having five windows this is done in a desktop suite that empowers you to change between screens to see what happens .

Disclaimer – Our instructional activities are proposed help longing for pen analyzers/security lovers in adjusting new aptitudes, we simply recommend that you test this instructional exercise on a structure that has a place with YOU. We don’t recognize obligation in regards to any person who trusts it’s a brilliant idea to attempt to use this to try to hack structures that don’t have a place with you


WiFI -honey requires screen and subsequently aircrack , check if they are properly installed


apt-get install screen aircrack-ng



On gnome version is pre-installed for the mini version, use deposits.

apt-get install wifi-honey

using WIFI-honey

Wi -honey is located in the menu ” Applications -> Kali Linux -> Attacks Wireless -> Wireless Tools -> Wi -honey ”




Wi – nectar is definitely not hard to use , help is appeared if there is no dispute between




If you enter as a single argument the name of the fake access point, the default channel is 1 and the interface is wlan0 .


wifi-honey <essid> <channel> <interface>


We observe particularly the result in case we check for open frameworks , you would then have the capacity to use a sniffer to get information on the related clients


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