njRAT v0.7


njRAT v0.7


NJRat is a remote access trojan (RAT), first seen in June 2013 with tests going back to November 2017. It was created and is upheld by Arabic speakers and fundamentally utilized by cybercrime bunches against focuses in the Middle East. Notwithstanding focusing on a few governments in the area, the trojan is utilized to control botnets and lead other normal cybercrime action. It contaminates casualties by means of phishing assaults and drive-by downloads and engenders through tainted USB keys or organized drives. It can download and execute extra malware, execute shell orders, read and compose registry keys, catch screenshots, log keystrokes, and keep an eye on webcams. In 2014, Symantec dissected examples of NJRat and revealed 542 C2 server area names and 24,000 contaminated PCs around the world. 80 percent of the C2 servers were situated in the Middle East and North Africa.


July 2014: Microsoft obscures 4MM destinations in malware battle. (KrebsOnSecurity)

Walk 2015: NJRat makes a rebound. (PhishMe)

October 2016: VoIP gaming servers manhandled to spread remote access trojans (RATs). (Softpedia)

October 2016: RAT facilitated on Pastebin prompts BSOD. (Softpedia)

Walk 2017: The Islamic State site was hacked and appropriated the NJRat trojan by drawing guests into clicking a phony Flash refresh connect. (Motherboard)

Specialized Details

General Dynamics gives specialized points of interest on the NJRat, here.todaytips


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